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The ID Files

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Here is a great collection of internet radio interviews by Jason Rennie of the SciPhi Show:
The ID Files

The ID Files is a compilation of interviews about the recent Intelligent Design Controversy taken from The Sci Phi Show (http://thesciphishow.com). These interviews are with Dr Michael Shermer of the Skeptic Society, Salvador Cordova of the IDEA Centre, Dr Mike Behe of Lehigh University and Nick Matzke from the NCSE. The individuals represent a spectrum of positions on the question of Intelligent Design and these interviews serve as a useful introduction to the issues at stake and the ideas involved.

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MaxAug, THANKS for Pitman's article!!!! Salvador scordova
According to Matzke, ID people got their Ph.Ds without reading any technical articles and knuckle walking refutes irreducible complexity. :D Anyway, found this today: http://www.detectingdesign.com/flagellum.html In case people don’t know it, it is an essay in response to Matzke’s piece on the flagellum evolution. MaxAug
Sorry. That was a poorly written and edited comment. JGuy
[off topic] Since materialists, like Dawkins, think intelligence is merely a natural phenomena. Perhaps, they shoudl then think intelligence is no more special than natural selection. Honestly, if they are materialists, then why would it be any more special since it is all found in nature? Just as they posit looking for other laws or forces in nature.. looking for dark matter..etc.... Then why can't it be part of the the materialist methodology? Why not look for invisible intelligence? Do they think intelligence is supernatural and that matter is not? hahahahaha There seems to be somethign in this... but I am nto sure I articualted it well. I feel a bit, or a type, of hypocracy or some kind of inconsistency in the materialist thinking on how to view intelligence. JGuy

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