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    jaredl says:

    Is there an english translation somewheres?

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    just lurkin says:

    Rough translation of the salient points:

    Title: “Are Darwinists afraid of a creator?”

    “A theory is no less scientific if it includes a logical or religious inference\deduction.”

    “The Big Bang does not lose its scientific caracter if one asks who provoked it.”

    “Intelligent design has nothing to do with creationism. Affirming that the world was designed does not imply creation.”

    “In “Debating Design. From Darwin To DNA” Dembski explains that no particular political or religious movement owns the ID flag.”

    “The Dover decision was political, not scientific.” “One does not understand why science should not see an intelligent design in nature.” “The court decision restricts the definition of science by admitting only that definition as declared by those who see science “their” specific way.”

    “Intelligent design theorists do not see a God of the gaps that serves to fill in those scientifically incomplete spaces. Intelligent design wants to explain how our biological world was formed.”

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    PaV says:

    In my poor Italian, I’ve read the article, and there’s not much of interest there. He makes a distinction between ID and creationism; he decries the Dover decision as seemingly politically motivated, and says that the judge’s interpretation of science was quite inadequate compared to Behe’s; and he knocks down a few strawman arguments such as “an imperfect world means the world couldn’t have been designed”, etc. The article is rather positive, but not a lot of substance comes out.

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    Joseph says:

    With this and what is happening in Ireland, it is evident that Intelligent Design has gone global. And that is a good thing…

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    scordova says:

    “With this and what is happening in Ireland, it is evident that Intelligent Design has gone global. And that is a good thing.”

    Here here.

    And let us not forget ID in Russia where in only 15 years since the fall of the Soviet Empire, half the country now rejects naturalistic evolution. The irony is that the proponents of naturalistic evolution who once found support and enforcement of from the KGB (soviet secret police) must now appeal to America’s Barbara Forrest and the NCSE for help.


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    crandaddy says:

    What seems to be catching on in Russia is Creationism. Like Darwinists, they appear to be motivated more by religious zeal than scientific evidence. Maybe they have Creationism and ID confused. I honestly think it’s just a matter of time before Russians embrace real ID. It’s just a matter of time before everyone embraces ID!

    Sorry for being off-topic. I’ll say no more about Russia here.

    The article appears to be about Philip Larrey v. Darwinian Orthodoxy. Way to go, Philip! Let ’em have it!

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