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At Mind Matters News: Transhumanism: Human, computer, animal — all just a choice now…


AI and Big Biotech spawn the hope (in some) of merging with a computer or with a bat, maybe:

In a recent Living in the Solution podcast with otolaryngologist and broadcaster Elaina George at Liberty Talk radio, Wesley J. Smith, lawyer and host of the Humanize podcast at Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism tackled the question of “Can You be a Christian and Believe in Transhumanism?” (June 4, 2022). Transhumanism or H+, as it is sometimes called, is a movement to create immortality through new biotechnology or merger with artificial intelligence (AI).

Dr. Elaina George: I think transhumanism seems to be the next wave of things that are hip and now … As a Christian, is it something that we should even consider?

The idea is that they want to make themselves extraordinary without doing anything, with no effort. In other words, if we could tweak a gene or use a brain implant or find some means of changing our physicality — so I’d have the strength of Superman or the eyesight of a hawk — I could recreate myself into the image that I want. It’s a totally solipsistic idea.

Often what transhumanists want is to improve intelligence, because to transhumanists, many of them, intelligence is the highest human value. I always respond by saying, “Wait a second. I think love is the highest human value.” In fact, you rarely hear or see transhumanists talk about love, except perhaps in the carnal sense.

It is about this kind of self-obsession to make oneself better, but not actually doing the work that might have to build character, to exercise or whatever it might be to improve yourself. And, of course, the idea that if I want to grow a tail, I can grow a tail. I can become part man, part bat — whatever it might be — is incredibly solipsistic and basically almost a denial of community.

Dr. Elaina George: I think that’s a great synopsis of it, an overview. It lacks soul. It lacks depth.

News, “Transhumanism: Human, computer, animal — all just a choice now…” at Mind Matters News

Takehome: Wesley Smith talks with Dr. Elaina George about the new secular religion of Transhumanism or H+ — immortality without tears for atheists — if it’s even possible.

You may also wish to read: The impossibility of Christian transhumanism. Transhumanists seek the right not only to manipulate their own bodies but also those of their children, including mind clones, monoparent children, or benevolent AI. One cannot be a “Christian transhumanist.” Transhumanism has become a religion and the two religions simply cannot occupy the same space. (Wesley J. Smith)


A Great Reset historian muses on what to do with “useless” people. Transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari, a key advisor to the World Economic Forum, thinks free will is “dangerous” and a “myth.” It’s not clear that, given his intense, dramatic focus on “useless,” “meaningless,” and “worthless” people, Harari is far off from totalitarianism.

I don't think transhumanism is meant to be THE religion. Like Web3 and "climate" and "virus", it's just part of a multi-front campaign to torture and demoralize and chaotize the peasants. The real religion of the modern demons is old-fashioned Chinese emperor worship. The emperor is God, and his demented desires at the current second are the scriptures and theology of the people.polistra
June 13, 2022
04:56 AM

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