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The Italian Situation


From a colleague in Italy:

In October an article will appear in the important scientific magazine Le Scienze: “Intelligent design: il creazionismo evoluto”. A first Italian presentation of ID will be made by … surprise … H. Allen Orr! You know who Orr is so imagine what Orr will can tell Italians about ID.

"Letter from the Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology ...Unfortunately in the Italian academic system, evolutionary biology is not acknowledged as an independent research area, so no faculty positions in "evolutionary biology" can be established, and most students hear only a brief summary of evolutionary theory in the final hours of their introductory zoology, paleontology, or genetics courses. To make matters worse, during the past two years, several creationist organizations have been publicly attacking the teaching of evolutionary theory. These events convinced many Italian scientists, working both at home and abroad, to take action. " From: http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/AN/journal/issues/v166n3/056602/056602.html?erFrom=8555362428527693021Guest Surprisingly Orr echoes this complaint: http://bostonreview.net/BR21.6/orr.html Where Orr says: "Although many science, and all biology, students are required to endure molecular courses, evolution - even introductory evolution—is often an elective. The reason is simple: biochemistry and cell biology get Junior into med school, evolution doesn't. Consequently, many professional scientists know surprisingly little about evolution." So much for supposedly the most imporatant scientific theory in biology! "Evolutionists are widely perceived as uncritical ideologues, devoted to suppressing all doubt about evolution. " I'll agree with Orr there, but go one step further and say the perception is in agreement with reality. scordova

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