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ID on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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I’m supposed to be appearing with Edward Larson in the closing segment of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show this Monday, September 12th.

Bill got moon(ey)ed...? Gumpngreen
Yeah I didn't see you either. Jedi Deist
Bill, I just watched "The Daily Show," and you weren't on it. What happened?! David crandaddy
And that's an important distinction. Intelligent Design is something that you either believe in or not. Evolution is something you either accept or not. jimpressario
Bill, why don't you just tell Jon Stewart that having watched his show and having analyzed his scripts, it's rather clear that he doesn't believe in "intelligent design." PaV
Maybe being along the Darwin doll, offer it to Larson as a comfort. jzs
Interesting, johnnyb! Note that the web site you referenced reports the final tally as 150 to 198, though: "However it is clear from the tape that in fact it was 150." Lutepisc
"I once heard that Dawkins became wary of debates after debating AE Wilder Smith at Oxford. But I don’t know if that’s true." Yes it is. If you want to listen to the debate yourself, go here: http://www.tonguesrevisited.com/oxford_union_debate.htm It's worth the listen. The creationists lost, but made a very good showing, especially considering whose turf they were on. The final tally was 115 to 198. johnnyb
#17 I once heard that Dawkins became wary of debates after debating AE Wilder Smith at Oxford. But I don't know if that's true. anteater
jimbo comments: Dawkins refuses to debate IDers But Dr Cordova comments here in another thread "Mark Perakh couldn’t even represent Dembski’s claims accurately, much less were they worth a rebuttal by Bill." as a reason for Dr. Dembski not to respond to his critics. If Dr Dembski is not obliged to have a meaningful dialogue with critics, how can you complain about Dawkins? Sauce for the goose... PS to DaveScot incisive argument! Alan Fox
Dawkins is a girly man. DaveScot
Just a friendly warning to Dr. Dembski from an interested lurker--the Daily Show specializes in making sensible ordinary people look like complete idiots, by cutting and pasting video clips and other such trickery. They have no interest in ID, just in getting laughs, and they'll do what it takes to make you look ridiculous. jleecrs
"Maybe ask Stewart if he’ll help sponsor a debate between you and, say, Dawkins?" Won't happen. Dawkins refuses to debate IDers, and encourages others not to. Feels it gives them unwarrented credibility. (Course, if one was being uncharitible, one could say he's just a fraidy-scared little momma's boy, but you won't catch ME saying that.) jimbo
Here is my suggestion for a sound bite along with visual effects: "Intelligent Design only claims to be able to reliably tell apart things that are designed from things that are not designed. [Here Bill holds a hammer in one hand for a designed object and a rock in the other hand for a non-designed object] Of course there must be a designer [Bill makes pounding motion with the hammer] but design detection can't tell us anything specific a designer. [Bill sets the objects down and shrugs with upturned palms] However, Darwinists like my good friend Dr. Larson, have recently proposed that the designer is this little guy here called a Flying Spaghetti Monster or FSM for short." [Bill then waves around a hand puppet of the FSM while humming the "Twiglight Zone" theme song]. We're not sure if they're right but we do agree the FSM is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cute. Over to you Jon." 30 seconds with a little practice DaveScot
Maybe ask Stewart if he'll help sponsor a debate between you and, say, Dawkins? jzs
Good luck, I may have to ask my gf to tivo this for me. mark_sprengel
Talk about John Kerry and let them know just how many Kerry voters were creationists (if I remember correctly, around 50%). That'll get them going. anteater
I wish you the best of luck, but to be honest, I don't think the Daily Show is worth your time. It's all about entertainment, and Stewart will only spend his time trying to be funny. I hope you have a good impact, but I have doubts. David
Dr. Dembski, you will do well. Don't worry about prep or "zingers". Don't appear rehearsed. Roll with the punches. And, lessee.... what other experience do I have with the national media that might be helpful .... hmmm... oh, yeah. None! My only experience with cable media is waiting all day for the installer to show up. Truth is on your side. Relax. Have fun. Watchman
The Daily Show is my favorite! You won't get much time, 42 seconds is probably about right. And I completely agree with johnnyb's comment. Enjoy and good luck! hlwarren
For those of you who missed John Stewart on Crossfire, it is an absolute must to watch the video or read the transcript. It says everything that is wrong with the current news system. http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/bljonstewartcrossfire.htm johnnyb
And be aggressive. Don't be intimidated. Give em' "the what for". Bombadill
Make a clip available on this site, please, for those of us who no longer have access to cable! JaredL
Mechanicalbirds wrote: "haha… thats incredible. Might be hard to get a serious word in. Good luck with all that. " Not like here, right? --------------------------------------------- PS- DaveScot wrote: (in the "frenzy over ID" thread) "Of course I’m a boor that’s always felt the best place for arts and humanities is 6 feet under. My contempt for the impractical has been with me since birth and hasn’t diminished over time." Nice bunch of friends you have there Dembski. Maybe ol' Dave can build a bonfire with copies of The Silmarillion and The Chronicles of Narnia to warm his cold and poisoned heart. Somewhere in the Outer Darkness, Morgoth is smiling. -------------------------------------------- PPS- I know you are deleting my messages Dembski & "friends". That's OK. You'll see it. That is what matters. That *YOU* see it. They will be there long enough to be seen by some others. If they happen to be accidentally "lost", why I'll just post them again. And I have plenty of time to post. Be Seeing You. Dark Matter [[Oh, do behave! --WmAD]] Dark Matter
You'll probably get 42 seconds total to talk. Good luck Bill! Conspirator
I agree with Steve. You would do well to deliver one good "zinger" that will actually get the lay-people who are viewing, something to chew on for a while. Bombadill
This is a forum where the well-placed one-liner will likely make the most impact. One of my favorites in this category is Hoyle's famous quip about macroevolutionary theory being about as likely as a tornado spinning through a junkyard and creating a fully functional 747. Best of luck, -sb SteveB
[...] Update: William Dembski and Ed Larson will appear on the first show, according to Dembski. [...] Speedkill » This will be awesome
unfortunately, since it's the daily show, dembski will be made to look like a fool with idiotic question that are designed to make him look like a bible thumping idiot. not that i think bible thumpers are idiots, considering im a christian and believe the bible to be the word of god. but, you know what i mean...they always try to make christians look like idiots, and they'll surely try to claim ID isn't real science and claim it's "creationism repackaged" and then use that to paint the ID theorist as an anti-science fool. i used to like the daily show, but it's turned into an anti-christian, anti-bush tirade for a half hr. unfortunate, because before jon stewart went all nutty, it was fairly entertaining. good luck either way. i've been reading the blog here for a couple of weeks (found via the discovery institute's website), but just decided to register to comment today. very nice site btw. very interesting posts and you're never lacking in a great argument. jboze3131
Jon Stewart is generally funny, if a little predictable with his red state/blue state, anti-Christian, pro-evolution banter. I guess this is to be some sort of debate with Larson. As I understand, many of his efforts have dealt with Creationism in schools and his observation of a divide in the Church over evolution, so I presume that is to be the nature of this segment. It would be nice to see someone allot time to learning about ID without ensuring there is a last-word rebuttal - but since IDers advocate addressing both sides I mustn't be a hypocrite. Best of luck, Dr. Dembski. Charlie
Well i dont have cable anymore so i cant watch :( but ya, i agree with mechanicalbirds comment ... i dont think i ever remember Jon Stewart ever being serious. but like always, it will probably be a good show :) but i wonder if Mr. Dembski knows any good jokes ? [in prep. for the show] i got a couple... 1) why did the evolutionist cross the road ? 2) what came first the chicken or darwin ? oh ya, you can replace the 'chicken' with evolution, the theory of... , etc., etc. feel free to do so anyone... Charlie Charliecrs
haha... thats incredible. Might be hard to get a serious word in. Good luck with all that. mechanicalbirds

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