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The latest in art provocateur: Calling an exhibit “Intelligent Design”


Here’s New Scientiston the Princeton exhibit:

This year contest organisers chose the theme “intelligent design” – a rubric they confess was intentionally picked to be provocative. The term, they decided, suggests a theme that can be interpreted broadly enough to encourage submissions from any number of fields. But given its wide use in attacks on the theory of evolution, contest organisers hope to push scientists to reclaim the term, and remind one another of all its other possible connotations: the intelligently designed product of a thoughtful engineer, or the clever new simulation from a creative computer scientist.

They can reclaim the term any time they want, except for one thing: Darwinism explicitly teaches that there is no design, intelligent or otherwise, that there is no mind, only a brain, and that what we think it beautiful is merely what helps spread our selfish genes. That view – strenuously promoted by New Scientist, is what actually stops them from reclaiming the term – not that one would expect arterati looking for a media buzz to think about it or care.

Here’s PhysOrg.

Hat tip Creation-Evolution Headlines.


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