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The legacy media discover that Earth is special, just before going under


And they don’t like it:

‘The Principle,’ Delano’s latest film project, challenges the Copernican principle, the notion that humans are just an insignificant speck in the universe. Interviews with cosmologists, in depth studies and surveys will leave viewers wondering whether we are indeed a unique species. Yet, it seems this is exactly what liberal academics and the mainstream media don’t want.

Actually, they haven’t seen it, but that wouldn’t matter. Anyway, so of course they engaged in respectful debate, right?:

Some specific ways the media targeted the film was by contacting the cast and other people involved in the production and convincing them they had been tricked.

“First of all, the actual media assault was the result of an attempt to call these guys up out of the clear blue and say, ‘Hey, do you know you just got duped into making a movie with a bunch of crazed geocentrists who made you sound like you believe in geocentrism?’ If you put yourself in the position of these guys getting these calls, it would be highly embarrassing for them.”

“The overwhelming response we’ve received from people who have actually seen the film is tremendous,” he said. “We have been absolutely vitiated in the mainstream media and it’s clear that’s never going to change. It’s sort of like a culture war.

It is a culture war.

Only one thing is going to change: The red-ink-osaurs will go under and emerge as government media, shilling for more and more authoritarian government. They’ll have more power to lie and be better paid for it.

That’s all that will save them from the Internet now.

Yes, yes, combox critics. Legacy media are indeed on the Internet. Dead trees and Big Hair abound there.

But pssst! So is everyone else. This is a cataclysm for people who used to have a near monopoly on information.

As Scott Rasmussen puts it,

For most Americans, the rise of new voices and new sources of information available whenever they want it is a great step forward.

For journalists, though, it has been a disaster. Newspapers, TV station audiences and jobs are all disappearing. This has a major impact on their worldview. In any industry, people who work at firms that are laying people off tend to believe the economy is struggling. Those who work at firms that are hiring tend to believe the economy is doing better.

So, for established journalists, the perception of the digital revolution is clouded by the fact that it destroyed their way of life. They see negatives more than positives, and their reporting reflects this. Like an unhappy person who makes everyone around them miserable, journalists are spreading pessimism.

Importantly, the loss felt by journalists is about more than money. It’s a loss of influence and prestige. Before the digital era, TV anchors and big-time newspaper reporters had a monopoly over news coverage that could not be challenged. Alternative views could not be heard, even when the journalists were wrong. More.

The red-ink-osaurs want their near monopoly back, and it won’t be their fault if they don’t get it.

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Copernicus, you are not going to believe who is using your name. Or how.

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Welcome Dave, like I said I can't make a mitt meant on way or another until I examine it more closely. This is all new to a person like me who was brought up on heliocentrism. wallstreeter43
My favorite part of the video: Special relativity for dummies. daveS
Thanks for the video links, wallstreeter. It's quite entertaining, if nothing else. I give him 0.75 timecubes. Edit: My bad, apparently not Dr Sungenis. daveS
Here is a video of sungenis explaining the science behind geocentrism . I found part 2 and part 3 but can't find part 1 Part 2 http://youtu.be/U49_IzLeEo4 Part 3 http://youtu.be/EMr8lb2tYvo Like I said sungenis isn't afraid to speak his mind . He even spoke up aboit how the pontifical Academy of Sciences is filled with atheists . wallstreeter43
Right now im a heliocentrist, but I'm open to change. Plus like I said before , I was practically brought up and brainwashed through college to never question evolution , but being the non conformist that I am, I eventually did question evolution and found it wanting. One of the main guys in this film is doctor Robert Sungenis, and I've followed his stuff for years. While I respect much of what he says I also disagree with some . I still haven't watched the principle yet, but I hope to soon. From doctor sungenis's articles and videos on geocentrism he seems to understand the science quite well. Who knows , I could one day change my mind on heliocentrism as well :) wallstreeter43

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