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The Neanderthals are undergoing a renaissance


The artwork accompanying a recent essay makes them look positively human. Just where Ooga! Ooga! has got himself to now, we are not sure. Meanwhile,

Scientific discoveries never occur in a social vacuum. The Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus formalised the ladder of life in 1758, when he crowned white European males as the ‘type specimen’ of our species. At a stroke of his pen, everyone else on the planet was demoted to a nonstandard, inferior version of humanity – identified by supposedly less advanced physiques, character and culture. In such a world, it was logical that the skull and bones from the Neander Valley were immediately compared with ethnic groups branded the most ‘brutal’ by their colonisers.

In 1863, the English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley claimed a striking similarity between Neanderthal brow ridges and the ‘lowering, threatening expression’ he perceived in the skulls of Aboriginal peoples – ignoring the clear difference in anatomical shape. The European intellectual elite were mostly blind to the possibility that Neanderthals were evidence of a common heritage for living people. Instead, they saw ‘scientific’ proof of the racist hierarchies that positioned non-Europeans as less evolved – although remaining puzzled that ‘savages’ nevertheless appeared to possess brains as big as those filling their own top hats. Up until the 1960s, scientists were still publishing theories of human evolution proposing that different races had budded off the human family tree sooner than others, with Caucasians the most recent arrivals, and therefore the least ‘primitive. Rebecca Wragg Sykes, “[article title]” at Aeon

Some of us remember all the way back to the Neanderthal art bombshell. (2012) They weren’;t supposed to be able to do art.

But there is the cave at Bruniquel where Neanderthals were building large, circular structures in a cave 174,000 years ago. And the floor hasn’t even been excavated yet.

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?

So is it possible that Neanderthals were nothing more than just humans, I mean if your a Caucasian wouldnt there be a high probability that that might be the reason why you have the white skin and the light hair I am just tossing this out there but I think we really don’t honestly know where we all came from I still believe the whole we’re out of Africa thing is over blown I remember arguing with a friend of mine about the age of humanity about seven years ago. He was firmly stuck in the belief that human beings and only hit the scene 120,000 years ago. He absolutely did not agree nor did he believe that human beings could be up to 400,000 years old. Now were 320,000 years old scientifically proven we just keep getting older. So if a species of creatures can reproduce with another creature and have fertile offspring doesn’t that qualify them as being the same species? Also please take note I am not referring to any kind of hairsplitting involving a parasitic organisms or a wasp or any of those other types of organisms that require a living host I am talking about to like species reproducing and having fertile offspring capable of reproducing with all the other species involved I’m just spitballing AaronS1978

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