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“The only good practitioner of ID is a destroyed practitioner of ID”

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Also from www.thebrites.org:

The Panda’s Thumb Destroys Jonathan Wells

Intelligent design creationist Jonathan Wells, who poses as a biologist and scholar with Ph.D.s from Berkeley and Yale, has just published a dangerous book attacking modern science – and indeed, the whole of Western civilization.

With The BRITES’s enthusiastic support, The NCSE and Panda’s Thumb have dedicated themselves to destroying the dangerous Jonathan Wells. The only good practitioner of ID is a destroyed practitioner of ID.

Erm ... Joseph, bFast, the "Brite" site is a parody site published by ID sympathizers. However, the Panda's Thumb IS doing a very good job of destroying Jonathan Wells' new BOOK. Go look if you don't believe me. I'd write more, but I have to fire off a letter to The Onion. Houdin
Hmmm, Johnathan Wells' latest book must be better than I thought. It may need to be my next read. Thanks panda and SETIRB for clarifying that for me. bFast
"If Wells were a reputable scholar he would not have quoted isolated sentences, but would have included every word Darwin ever wrote on the subject" Ben Z
I wonder how many letters to the editor people have tried to send in to TheOnion.com too. Strangelove
Why bother responding to a parody web site at all? Carlos
Oops typo- that should read Message to the BRITES Joseph
Message to the BRIRES: It is a long fall from your imagined high horse. On another note why don't they just dedicate themselves to substantiating their claims? That is the way to destroy ID. Joseph

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