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The Pastafarians, started to mock ID, are becoming a fast-growing religion

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Or something. Anyone remember the Pastafarians, who got their start ridiculing ID and then went on to try to become a religion? Well, that’s as near as we can make out. In truth, we never really figured them out.

But apparently, they are still around, not least in Alaska:

[Homer, Alaska] A Pastafarian high priest just opened an Alaska city council meeting in prayer. Wearing a colander on his head, the pasta priest offered the opening prayer on behalf of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to a municipal meeting in Alaska, the latest blessing from a nontraditional church since a court ruling opened up the religious practice to those who desire to profane and blaspheme religion.

News Division, “Man Who Worships Pasta Provides City Invocation in Alaska” at Pulpit & Pen

In fairness, they do have a theology and (in Russia) have even been persecuted for it. It just doesn’t make any sense. But maybe in these times, that’s less of an issue than it used to be:

Anyway, they are working hard at gaining recognition:

Some time next year, the European court of human rights will decide on the case of a Dutch woman who feels unfairly treated because her country’s highest court has told her she cannot wear a plastic colander on her head for her ID photo.

It may combine Mienke de Wilde’s plea with that of an Austrian former MP, Niko Alm, who proudly wears the offending kitchen utensil on his official documents but now insists his country recognise Pastafarianism – the faith both follow – as a religion.

Watching the pair closely is Mike Arthur, an independent American film-maker whose smart, funny but above all thought-provoking documentary, I, Pastafari, about the world’s fastest-growing faith premieres in the US in October.

Jon Henley, “Documentary follows Pastafarians as they strain for recognition” at The Guardian

Here’s the trailer:


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Wow: Court rules for common sense… updated No, not a religion; an overelaborate prank.

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Forgive them, O Noodly One, for they know not what they do. Although Pastafarianism is a tolerant faith and takes a lasagne-faire attitude towards morality, I am personally still agnocchist towards the existence of the FSM. Seversky
These people are dishonest, but I guess that doesn't matter because all morality is subjective in their eyes anyway. But their deceitfulness harms their own reputation. And their intolerance of and disrespectful actions towards others with different worldviews than them highlights other character flaws as well. Overall, it seems they are really not very nice people at all. tjguy
Hugh Kenneth:
But the Pastafarian website still ranks much higher in global internet engagement...
People tend to flock to freak shows... ET
That’s really too bad AaronS1978
But the Pastafarian website still ranks much higher in global internet engagement (#510,409 with a bounce rate of 50%) than uncommon descent (#704,474 with a bounce rate of 82.%). Hugh Kenneth
Of course- NEVER a PLASTIC colander! What kind of antenna/ FSM waveguide would that make, anyway? The high priests of FSM have a gold meatball attached to the bottom-top* of theirs. * the bottom of the colander that becomes the top of their headgear. ET
OK, but nobody's complaining about the Rastafarians, right? The real Haile Salassie was not the kinda guy ya wanna deify. And of course there were some people back at the height of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) popularity who started talking SERIOUSLY about detailed "philosophy" of the various alignments (i.e., "Lawful Evil"). If you want a REALLY screwed up set of principles, let the amateurs invent them. vmahuna

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