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The Scientist on the biggest science scandals of 2017

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What’s hot? What’s not?/Niklas Bildhauer, Wikimedia

Much of their tale features politics and sex. But in terms of science as such, from Jef Akst at The Scientist, for example:

Last month, 19 editorial board members of Scientific Reports resigned from the journal over a 2016 study that was allegedly plagiarized but that the journal refused to retract. Lots more.

Keep up to date with Retraction Watch instead.The Scientist only does this “serious science sins” stuff once a year and Jef Akst’s article feels like he wants to talk about politics and sex instead.


(It’s actually kind of lame. I can listen to Trump bashing and perp hunting anywhere these days. I wish The Scientist would stick to science misconduct where researchers have more of an inside track. – News)

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