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The speakers list for the CSS meeting on quantum mechanics and religion, April 6-7

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The Christian Scientific Society Here.

Robert Griffiths, Otto Stern University Professor of Physics at Carnegie-Mellon University, Ph.D. Princeton University, member of the National Academy of Sciences, author of Consistent Quantum Theory.

Erica Carlson, Professor of Physics, Purdue University, Ph.D. Cal Tech, Fellow of the American Physical Society. Erica is a well known author in condensed matter physics theory.

Andrew Jordan, Professor of Physics, University of Rochester, Ph.D. UC Santa Barbara, Simons Fellow of Theoretical Physics. Andrew is a specialist specifically in foundations of quantum mechanics.

David Snoke, Professor of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Fellow of the American Physical Society. I run an experimental condensed matter physics lab on quantum effects in optics.

Jeffrey Koperski, Professor of Philosophy, Saginaw Valley State University, Ph.D. Ohio State University. His first book, The Physics of Theism: God, Physics, and the Philosophy of Science, was published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2015.

Also, Paul Frank Spencer is asking for feedback on his book Marvelous Light, an attempt to span disciplines:

For millennia, man has wondered what light is. Ancient priests conceptualized it as gods and
goddesses. Philosophers have described it allegorically as a divine quality in man himself. Modern science brings a more refined view of light and a physical description of its ephemeral and effervescent qualities. But still, the way we understand light and its consequences are uncomfortable for all honest thinkers. The scientist may be alright in his silo, but light transcends academia and pervades all human experience. We can’t help thinking about reality without describing it in terms of light. By considering the science, philosophy, and theology of light, we find that each affirms and informs the others and gives us access to the very center of reality, all that we’ve been seeking from the beginning.

See also: Schrodinger’s cat, who may or may not attend the gathering, is definitely suing for trademark violation – maybe.

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    Axel says:

    What good news. It’s surely a subject that should have been favoured by such meetings, ever since Planck’s reluctant introduction of the paradigm

  2. 2

    Any ideas on what to expect from this conference? Are the presenters introducing new science or is this just a debate about current science and concepts?

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