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The Spiritual Brain: Introduction is now on line


Because so many people have asked me what The Spiritual Brain: A neuroscientist’s case for the existence of the soul addresses, I thought I would post the Introduction. It doesn’t deal with everything the book addresses, but it gives you some idea.

In this book, we intend to show you that your mind does exist, that it is not merely your brain. Your thoughts and feelings cannot be dismissed or explained away by firing synapses and physical phenomena alone. In a solely material world, “will power” or “mind over matter” are illusions, there is no such thing as purpose or meaning, there is no room for God. Yet many people have experience of these things. We intend to argue that these experiences are real. In contrast, many materialists now argue that notions like meaning or purpose do not correspond to reality; they are merely adaptations for human survival. In other words, they have no existence beyond the evolution of circuits in our brains.

Can we prove God exists from neuroscience? No, but if your mind is real, a cosmic Mind would best account for it. If spirituality is good for you (and it is), that’s because spirituality responds to the way things really are in our universe. Come along with us and see for yourself.

Part One: Neuroscience as if your mind is real
Part Two: Who has enough faith to be a materialist?
Part Three: The uses of non-materialist neuroscience
Part Four: Materialism is running on empty

Next: Part One: Neuroscience as if your mind is real

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I am currently reading the book right now. I am only into chapter 3 right now, but must say I am enjoying it. I was afraid it was going to be a lot of the same things from your blog (ID specific) but by then end of chapter 1 I could see otherwise. I am really enjoying how you are refuting the points of other theories. Espically how it is boiling down to: "You have no evidence". The best part of the book is your extensive notes list. I anm definitely going to look up some of the more interesting points you note: Such as quantum zeno paradox and Natalie Angier's "Seperated by birth". so far, so good! bork

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