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The Warfare Thesis Exploded


By James Hannam:

As it happens, much of the evidence marshaled in favor of the conflict thesis turns out to be bogus. The Church never tried to outlaw the number zero or human dissection; no one was burnt at the stake for scientific ideas; and no educated person in the Middle Ages thought that the world was flat, whatever interpretations of the Bible might imply. Popes have had better things to do than ban vaccination or lightning conductors on churches. The thought of a pope excommunicating Halley’s Comet is absurd, but this has not prevented the tale of Calixtus III doing just that from entering scientific folklore.

However there really is a large scale conflict between science and religion. The commonly human head vs heart is also expressed in the relationship between science and religion, and most always it is the head encroaching on the proper domain of the heart. Objectivity is competed against subjectivity to the annihilation of subjectivity. There is a very broad lack of acceptance of the validity of subjectivity in the scientific community. Atheism, nazism, communism, materialism, were / are all very popular at universities, while the ideologies / philosophies provide no room for subjectivity at all. Only creationism validates both fact and opinion, each in their own domain. Opinion in regards to the creator, whose existence is a matter of faith, and fact in regards to the creation. mohammadnursyamsu
Indeed . It was just a few matters the cAtholic chrich saw as opposed to their doctrines. Its all about conclusions. The bible is fine with science and just not wrong conclusions from mankind. Robert Byers
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