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The ID debate in the Muslim world: Turkish journalist vs. National Center for Science Education spokesperson

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Islam Online recently organized an online debate, “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design”, between Turkish journalist Mustafa Akyol and National Center for Science Education spokesman Nicholas Matzke. Akyol tells me that he countered Matzke’s effort to portray ID as “Christian fundamentalism” to Muslims, thus urging them not to “buy” it.

That’s amusing. Genuine Christian fundamentalists don’t see ID that way at all. ID guys, they correctly note, do not thump the Bible.

Heck, the ID guys wouldn’t even thump Nick Matzke, unless they were in a really bad mood.

Another Cuppyism: “The Age of Reptiles ended because it had gone on long enough and it was all a mistake in the first place.” – Will Cuppy, from How to Become Extinct

Good one, Mustafa: "Of course, Darwinians have the right to believe in whatever they wish, but it is crucial to unveil that theirs is a subjective faith, not an objective truth, as they have been claiming for more than a century. This unveiling would mark a turning point in the history of Western civilization, by reconciling science and religion and letting people become intellectually fulfilled theists." avocationist
Hello Alan! Let me just make it clear that the misspelling of Matzke's name was a typo. I have a problem with dropping capitals because I learned to type on an IBM selectric, and computer keyboards are just lousy in comparison. avocationist
Avocationist I did not expect to see that sort of unworthy comment from you. Alan Fox
Mr. matazke is filled with bovine fecal matter. avocationist
Well now, it looks like Nick has only one option here--he'll have to label Akyol as a Christian Fundie now. This would be funny if the humor of the situation weren't overshadowed by the frustration caused by Matzke's dishonesty. crandaddy
The neo-Darwinists are certainly more willing to play a propoganda game than an information game, aren't they? If NDE has the facts on their side, they should be presenting the facts, not trying to raise conflict between the Muslim branch and the Christian branch of the Abrahamic covenant. bFast

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