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Theistic Darwinists blitzkrieg the ID movement


In the month of June we have:

Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution (Hardcover) by Karl Giberson, released June 10, 2008.

Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul (Hardcover) by Ken Miller, released June 12, 2008.

Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Reverend Michael Dowd (pictured above), released June 19, 2008.

A lot of people have figured out that many atheists due to the "threat" of ID have fanatically embraced evolution in a religious fervor. Thus creating a large market for evolution porn where they can mentally wank to the idea that "theocracy" in the Trojan horse of ID is being soundly beaten into submission. mentok
They are even selling T-shirts, caps, stickers, and mugs with the Jesus-Darwin kissing logo -- http://www.cafepress.com/tgfe This puts the "I love Darwin" knick-knacks and the "Friend of Darwin" awards (given to the members of the Dover plaintiffs team) to shame. The Darwinist roaders have really gone off the deep end this time ("Darwinist roaders" comes from the old Chinese Communist expression, "capitalist roaders and their running dogs"). What we need is a Hitler-Darwin kissing logo. Larry Fafarman
I don't think it a stretch to see this as a sign of the times - namely a deluding influence - as Dowd says- forget guilt. We then would not need Jesus to take it away (ALL that Gospel/Bible stuff for no real reason), just realize our less enlightened past was the reason and pop - FREEDOM INDEED - step into our glorious future!. So - OK Mr. Dowd - have you now NO sin? I would quote some verses for you, but I am sure they would only be some of the ones not needed anymore. Sad indeed the anyone would have this level of not understanding and think themselves enlightened and lead other right into the pit with them. You think 5 Nobel prize winners can save you? Well, as you say - its your choice. alan
No one can serve two masters, because either he will hate one and love the other, or be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and Darwin. -- Matthew 6:24, modified Larry Fafarman
Why don't these guys profess their allegiance to Rudolph Bultmann? They might appropriately take the same approach to Darwin. Indeed, it may now be the right time to de-mythologize The Origin of the Species and The Descent of Man, the sacred texts of secularism. Dawkins, et al, laugh at these people and he has every reason to laugh. It is incongruous to affirm an Orthodox Christian theology while simultaneously affirming a completely unguided process of random mutation and natural selection. The two are mutually exclusive. toc
Hmm, From the titles of these books coming out in June, it seems they are all philosophical in nature. Why don't they provide books with overwhelming scientific proof for evolution so we can debate the hard facts? Behe showed overwhelming proof for ID in "The Edge of Evolution" last year. Why do they answer scientific facts with philosophical fluff? As Ben Stein would say "Anyone?, Anyone? bornagain77
That's gotta be the most inane drone promotional thing I've seen in years. Unbelievable! How much lower can they go? Reverend? Of what church? My 1st guess is the FSM church for the brain-dead? And look at these comments from amazon :
"The universe took 13.7 billion years to produce this amazing book. I heartily recommend it."
-- John Mather, NASA Chief Scientist, 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics Indeed! The universe produced this book - it evolved like a brain tumor.
"Michael Dowd and his wife, Connie Barlow, have committed their lives to showing that you can be a true Darwinian and a truly spiritual person..."
-Robert Wright, author of The Moral Animal and Nonzero Hmmm, can you smell another line of bovine poop in there? Someday maybe these jokers will figure out that evidence and truth are actually important. Borne
Isn't this blitzkrieg only going to get worse with Darwin's 150 and 200 years coming up? Are there new ID books/movies/YouTube/papers/podcasts coming out to counter them? CN

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