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Darwinist Behavior in a Nutshell


for science

I watched Miller on the Colbert Report last night. Then I saw this comic. Interesting parallels…

It could also read "For the children", since that also justifies anything these days. Chemfarmer
Off Topic: Two fascinating experiments: Quantum Teleportation and superconducting levitation Quantum Teleportation and the Nature of Reality - Zeilinger http://www.btgjapan.org/catalysts/anton.html excerpt: The quantum teleportation experiment raises very deep questions about the nature of reality at the quantum level. It shows that information, or knowledge, in some instances can have a more fundamental meaning than an objective reality. To be more specific, what can be said, i.e. information, can define what can be reality. and this experiment Superconductors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VGACLNfZ8s bornagain77
Recently in Boulder, CO, my home town of which I grow ever more deeply ashamed these days, this phenomenon played itself out. Naked parades are not only OK but cheered on by the local paper, as long as it's for the politically correct cause. http://www.dailycamera.com/news/2008/jun/14/60-plus-ride-boulder-buff/ landru
put PZ Myers face on their and it would be perfect... We should ask Scott Adams of Dilbert to do this. :-) scordova

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