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This Piece by Lawrence Krauss is a Damning Indictment

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When Eric Metaxas wrote aChristmas Day piece in the Wall Street Journal about how science is lending support to modern-day arguments for design in the universe, he drew fire from all quarters. Apparently Metaxas arguments were full of fallacies. Of particular interest was a criticism by leading physicist, Lawrence Krauss. Surely a top scientist would leave no doubt about Metaxas’ flubs.  Read more

5 Replies to “This Piece by Lawrence Krauss is a Damning Indictment

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    Mapou says:

    Kraus is another stupid raging atheist with a stupid religion to defend. It won’t be long before those gentle folks go jihadist on the rest of us. The level of their rage is increasing by the day. After all, we’ve seen what they can do when they get a hold of real power. Remember Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the doughboy in North Korea?

  2. 2
    Jon Garvey says:

    Is being, like Lawrence Krauss, an honorary associate of the National Secular Society, the UK’s campaigning anti-religious group, not an agenda that ought to be declared?

    He accuses Metaxas for having an agenda by being religious, from the stance not only of being an atheist, but belonging to a definitionally anti-religious organisation.

    Perhaps cosmologists don’t get trained in logic.

  3. 3
    bornagain77 says:

    “Perhaps cosmologists don’t get trained in logic.”

    2+2=5? (Lawrence Krauss vs William Lane Craig) – video

  4. 4
    bornagain77 says:

    Eric Metaxas – Does Science Argue for or against God? – video

  5. 5
    ppolish says:

    Both ISIS and the New Atheists want to eliminate the world’s Religions. Within a generation yikes. ISIS by being evil, New Atheists by being obnoxious. Of course, neither will get their wish.

    Wanting to eliminate Religion is the problem. Never will happen with H.sapien. “In a generation” how utterly clueless….

    Peace will come when all accept all Religions. Acceptance not elimination. Unfortunately, acceptance will take many generations at least. Maybe a lot more than many. Hateful people have a hard time accepting.

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