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Those nasty intelligent design creationists — if you can’t neutralize ’em, kill ’em


In case you missed it at the Cannes Film Festival:

Directed and co-scripted by British documentary-maker James Marsh, The King is a fascinating psychological drama that puts the boot into the delusions, hypocrisy and cruelty of American Christian fundamentalism. In his first English-speaking role, charismatic Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal plays 21-year-old Elvis, son of a deceased Hispanic prostitute, who returns from a stretch in the navy hoping to become part of the family of his father.

But Dad is a born-again Christian, now the Reverend Sandow (William Hurt), popular minister of a church in the south eastern Texas port of Corpus Christi. He rejects his son as belonging to a former life, ‘before I became a Christian’. Elvis sticks around, impregnating his 16-year-old half-sister and killing his 18-year-old half-brother, whose project is to introduce intelligent creation as an alternative to Darwinism at his high school.

The clever thing about The King is that we never know to what extent Elvis has thought through his programme of revenge and he probably doesn’t know either. Moreover, a point is reached when everything the pastor eventually does by way of redemption only adds to the destruction of his family. A disturbing, extremely well-acted picture.


I would see the plot line of this work as a statement of protest against the renewal of conservative thinking in the US. Taking just the summary above: A father = older gen politicos now in power; A blast from the past son from the dads freewheeling days (?) = ideologically rejected left; Corrupted 16 year old daughter = hope for the short-circuiting of the current conservative groundswell and recapturing of the next generation for moral relativism; Murder of the "non-bastard" (idealogically fathered) ID son = See above Henry Rollins post for this murderous rancor. the fight against ID has much more to do with the fear of the demonstration of a non-spiritual (relative, at least ot the left) basis for objective morality than any scientific considerations. kvwells
I expect an enthusiastic 'Thumb's Up'â„¢ from ID .... film critic, Roger Ebert. Charlie

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