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    MatthewTan says:

    The Vatican is to host a debate on Darwinism, evolution and intelligent design this year.


    Perhaps the ID pioneers like Dembski, Phillip Johnson, Behe, O’Leary, should volunteer to represent the ID community at Vatican.

    Anyone going there?

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    Frost122585 says:

    Yeah I think if the Vatican is going to do this it is very important and that Bill Dembski should attend and debate because it is largely his work and MR. Behe’s that has scientifically substantiated intelligent. Dembski is the father of the explanitory filter- the Design Inference.

    Sorry to put the big pressure on you Bill- but its your turn to step up to the plate– like Moses you might feel insignificant but your the choosen one…

    and we love you for it.

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    PannenbergOmega says:

    William the Conqueror.

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    PannenbergOmega says:

    “The claim that all skeptics of Darwinian orthodoxy are Christian Fundamentalists stands refuted by me. I’m neither a Christian nor a Fundamentalist. But lots and lots of people are skeptical in the scientific community.”


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