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Toldjah: Newsweek.com to fold; New York Times’ death just assumed now

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Newsweek here.

Also: Rick Mcginnis reviews the documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times (Landmark Report Jul 09, 2011), recounting,

Subtitled “A Year Inside The New York Times,” Andrew Rossi’s film begins at the paper’s printing plant, the camera following huge rolls of newsprint on their way to becoming the next morning’s edition of the Times. This is the physical incarnation of institutions like the New York Times, with their insistence on remaining once daily, pulp-and-ink, top heavy, capital intensive operations in a digital age without deadlines or time zones, where a billion-dollar enterprise with lovely new offices in midtown Manhattan can be scooped by a blog published from a laptop in a coffee shop.

Like here, for example. And countless other places. 

At one point in the film we see Carr and his Media Desk colleagues standing around talking about the end, should it come. For Carr and a few newsprint geezers, retirement is close enough that they might ride it out before it before the endgame, but they can’t help but rib the young reporters about their potentially dire prospects. As a scene, it goes a long way to explaining why the elders at the helm of places like the Times might be oblivious – or impervious – to the churning, revolutionary changes happening all around them, but there’s never much evidence that their younger employees could summarize what’s happening to their industry in a concise lead paragraph.

The day is fast coming when it won’t really matter what legacy media think about design in life forms or the universe.

Hat tip both: Five Feet of Fury

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