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They said it: Origin of new traits – “pertinent,” “fundamental,” and “unanswered”

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This work is difficult and time consuming, but the question at its core—the genetic origin of new and complex traits—is probably still one of the most pertinent and fundamental unanswered questions in evolution today. At stake is the possibility of testing whether novel complex traits arise from a gradual building of novel developmental networks, gene by gene, or whether pre-existent modules of interacting genes are recruited together to play novel roles in novel parts of the organism.

– Monteiro A, Podlaha O (2009) Wings, Horns, and Butterfly Eyespots: How Do Complex Traits Evolve? PLoS Biol 7(2): e1000037. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000037 February 24, 2009

But surely the answer c has come in by now, right?

Alternatively: Those guys must be creationists if they are even wondering.

"Alternatively: Those guys must be creationists if they are even wondering." Obviously! After all, only a "creationist" would point out, and fail to deny, the (logically) undeniable truth that 'modern evolutionary theory' *still* can't get its act together. Ilion

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