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Toldjah! When the world of marketing gets wind of neuroscience …

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this is the result:

The Neuromarketing lesson from this research is that if you want to be perceived as more flexible in dealing with a prospect while at the same time increasing their flexibility in reaching a deal, take these steps:Seat them in a soft chair.

If you hand them anything, avoid hard objects.

As I described in Heat Up Sales – With Coffee! (not coincidentally, based on research by John Bargh), offer them a warm beverage.

The combined effect will let you relate better emotionally to your prospect, and increase the chance of reaching a deal.

On a side note, this topic relates to the broader concept of neuroarchitecture. Will architects and designers begin to formally include findings from neuroscience and behavior research in their projects.

Okay, so now you know, suckers.

Rules for prospects:

1. Sit on a rock hard chair. Bring your own. Come in holding sharp objects.

2. Bring your own beverage that looks like ice cold blood. (Of course, it could just be tomato juice, but …  the look in yer eye … )

3. Decide where you can afford to meet the guy, in advance, and politely walk out if that or better is not the deal.

No, no, that’s not neuroscience either of course, but we prospects really must fight liar with liar.

By the way, check out Darwinian brand marketing.

Denyse O’Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

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