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Top ridiculous academic papers

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<em>Coffee</em> Tins From Daily Caller:

Twitter lost one of its leading lights earlier this month when user @Real_PeerReview, who chronicled ridiculous, useless, and unintelligible academic papers, shut down their account in an apparent effort to avoid having their real-life academic career ruined.

While @Real_PeerReview’s tweets have been deleted from Twitter, they fortunately are not gone entirely, and can still be read here. More.

For example,

This article investigates the origins of the bucket and spade as a foundational element in the relational materialism of the beach as a space of vacationing. Using the intensification of Romantic beach painting through the early nineteenth century alongside prose descriptions and the development of photography at the beach, the article locates more precisely than ever before how the bucket and spade derived from the cohabitation of the beach by pioneering Romantic travellers and ethnic fishing cultures in which the former fell under the spell of the latter. It traces material connections and relations that transformed both creating new visitor subjectivities around an active engagement with the multiple affordances of the beach and a transformation of local peasant cultures from fishing and foraging to livelihoods based on the provisioning and facilitation of vacationing. The bucket and spade holds more significance than its role as a sandcastle-building tool; seen through the tidal changes and the different angles of photography, and especially through their relational engagement with the beach, the agency of the bucket and spade is revealed.

Some people would just call a bucket a bucket and a spade a spade. But they don’t work in cultural studies.

Yes, we are going back to work soon.

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I had a professor who published a paper on why toast falls jam side down. An interesting read but of no academic value. But sometimes we need a side-track to the rediculous. Gordon Cunningham
Having to shut down that account to preserve privacy (and avoid persecution) is an ominous sign for the rest of us. One's right to privacy is not absolute, but it certainly should apply in this case. Truth Will Set You Free

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