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Top Ten books to read on the intelligent design controversy, 2009 #6

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You have heard enough publicly funded nonsense. Why not hear some sense?

(Note: These are the key books, not science or media news. The Top Ten Darwin and Design Science News Stories for 2009 are here, the Top Ten Darwin and Design Media News Stories for 2009 are here, and my comments on the latter are here. Also, to get the links, you must go here.)

My comments follow.

6. The Darwin Myth by Benjamin Wiker. According to Wiker’s provocative new biography, The Darwin Myth: the Life and Lies of Charles Darwin, Charles Darwin was an honorable and likable man, a family man. He loved his siblings; he was devoted to his wife; he loved his children and grieved deeply over his daughter’s death. But Darwin was also someone who presented to the public an elaborate and even deceptive story about himself and his work to advance a philosophical agenda. While there are many biographies of Charles Darwin, Wiker’s deserves attention because of its fascinating account of the complex interaction between Charles Darwin, the man, and Darwinism, the theory he advocated and popularized. Wiker’s presentation of Darwin’s human contradictions is a valuable contribution to the 2009 Darwin anniversary literature (the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species). Anyone wishing to probe the broader implications of Darwin’s theory, as well as the contradictions of Darwin’s character, will want to read Wiker’s book.

[From Denyse: Darwin was one of the first carefully crafted science legends – crafted to advance atheist materialism. Among atheists, to this day, he provokes adulation that used to be reserved in ancient times for gods. Serious biographers have, of course, come to very different conclusions, but the nonsense lingers in the popular media and in tax-funded schools to this day. And people wonder why there is a controversy!]

Pick # 7 is here.


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