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Trouble in Paradise? BCSE respond (it ain’t pretty)


BCSE’s Roger Stanyard doesn’t hold back in his anger at Richard Dawkins

I haven ‘t heard Roger Stanyard of BCSE speak about ID or Creationism in quite such strong tones as he denounces Richard Dawkins and friends. He calls the ‘Why Evolution is True’ blog a ‘kangeroo court baying for blood’ and  ‘One of the most frightening things I’ve seen in a long time’ because of the letter’s ‘utter viciousness’ and ‘self-righteousness.’ And that isn’t even the worst of it as he denounces Dawkins, but I will refrain from reprinting more here. Check out the link if you wish to read more, especially posts by Stanyard at 25/4/11 6:43 pm and 26/4/11  8:07 am.

In order for evolution to survive it must not attack or be seen as an enemy to faith. The organized groups know this. To push evolution down kids throats it must not not have a spoonful of sugar of atheism. The great shout at the end of the soviet union was the end of government and society demands that all be atheists. This Brit don't get America. This Coyne don't get Protestant and Catholic America. If theres a serious mutation here in the body what positive development can we expect from our evolution thumpers to evolve too this YEC Canadian asks? I'd suggest prayer and bible reading but you know...! Robert Byers
Funny how Jerry Coyne uses the word "comrades"... NZer
Those who in a blatant, obvious manner want to rid the world of theism are bickering with those who seek to do so by subterfuge. It appears as though neither camp has a firm foundation upon which to put up a big tent. Bantay
"There is unrest in the forest, There is trouble with the trees For the Maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas" Rush- "The Trees" Joseph
Dawkins has given up backsliding: He announced publicly that he was giving up Darwinism as a religion (hostile, as it happens, to other religions) but has now returned to the fold. News

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