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ID theory makes progress in Hungary, probably thanks to Hindus

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Dane Leif Asmark sends this PowerPoint (static here), which notes the poster campaign, the film, and debates … in most Western countries, not half as much is reported.

Written debate with the Hungarian Skeptic Society- Written rules for the debate, moderation.

– Four exchanges of letters.

-Is ID a reasonable answer to the origin of the living world?”

Living world? Shades of Darwin’s banished co-theorist Wallace and the World of Life.
Sources don’t think most Western counties are doing a tenth of this. Some wonder what they did with all the guns, the cornpone religion, and the bitter clingers.

That stuff must be in there somewhere. File under: Evidence aside, ID supporters are backwoods Yankee rubes.

Note: Nature’s IQ, put out by Hungarian Hindus, is the premier photo resource for ID from a Hindu perspective. Check out the ant carrying the computer chip … symbol or what?

See also: Leif Asmark examines design from a Vedic perspective.

3 Replies to “ID theory makes progress in Hungary, probably thanks to Hindus

  1. 1
    MedsRex says:

    I would call those “power moves”. Wow. Incredible progress being made. Quite inspirational.

  2. 2
    AMW says:

    Can you define “making progress”? All of the things listed in the PowerPoint appear to be geared toward marketing/awareness. In what way it the theory of ID making progress in Hungary?

  3. 3
    MedsRex says:

    you’re right the title wasn’t specific enough & therefore slightly misleading. It should have read:
    “ID proponents in Hungary make excellent progress in increasing public awareness of current ID literature and evidences, thus allowing the average person to weigh in on the most recent arguments presented from all sides of the debate and come to their own conclusions.”
    News can you fix that?

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