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Trust the Science! and see where it gets you: The disgraced New York State governor COVID-19 edition


Andrew Cuomo begins to face the music as — very, very slowly, we may be sure –- the story of thousands of needless senior deaths in his state during the pandemic comes to light:

● 15 March 2022: NY State Comptroller Confirms Cuomo’s Cover-Up of COVID Nursing Home Deaths

This report may be one of the first times the New York Times has broken a story related to Andrew M. Cuomo’s COVID nursing home deaths scandals. In this case, the NYT reports on the New York’s State Comptroller’s audit of New York’s COVID nursing home deaths records, which confirms Cuomo’s administration exerted influence to conceal the full extent of COVID deaths that occurred during the period Cuomo’s deadly 25 March 2020 directive was in effect.

● 16 March 2022 N.Y. audit finds Cuomo team undercounted COVID-19 nursing home deaths by over 4,000:

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli’s audit, released Tuesday, found the administration undercounted deaths by 4,071 from April 2020 to February 2021, with 13,147 deaths occurring but only 9,076 reported.

It failed to report 50% of deaths between April 15, 2020, and May 2, 2020, a critical period of the pandemic when Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat who was forced to resign last year amid sexual harassment allegations, was trumpeting his response to the virus.

Cuomo got an Emmy for his expert handling of the media elements of the crisis, later revoked in a Me Too scandal…

So, along with “Stop listening to corrupt science claims,” how about we also stop listening to corrupt media claims?

Meanwhile, neurosurgeon Michael Egnor took the risk of writing about the nursing home deaths back when Cuomo was Cool — when Andrew Cuomo was actually a big HERO (the cool dude with the loose mood …) at the TV network his brother Chris worked for:

● Why did New York State issue a policy that killed elderly patients during the pandemic? For all practical purposes, the government directive was essentially an order to spread COVID to people in nursing homes. This is the worst thing medical authorities have done in the US since the Tuskegee scandal, when black Americans were not given penicillin to treat disease. (Michael Egnor)

● Explosive new information about New York’s mass COVID deaths. Michael Egnor: In a video conference, perhaps accidentally, a health official blurted out the deadly policy and the reasoning behind it. Fearing political pushback, New York officials took steps to conceal from the federal government the policy that doomed thousands of seniors. (Michael Egnor)

Not only was all that ignored but, when Cuomo was finally forced out of office, it, was over Me Too offenses which — however grievous — surely don’t come up to sending thousands of people to their deaths!

So, some additional assessment:

● Media try but fail to learn from their romance with Cuomo. Revoking Cuomo’s Emmy, amid facile self-reproach, is hardly a substitute for unpacking the bigger facts of what the recently resigned New York governor did wrong. New York State’s COVID-19 policies, under Cuomo, credibly caused thousands of seniors to die unnecessarily. Why wasn’t that news? Why isn’t it now?

Essentially, COVID enabled the“Trust the Science!” elite to parade their Virtue at the expense of the lives of many others. If you, gentle reader, are one of the “others,” we suggest you don’t forget that. And don’t expect to hear much of this in the Cool media either because it mainly affects people who Don’t Matter.

While we’re here, more COVID fallout:

Bronx apartment block building where blaze killed 17 ‘was due for inspection but it never took place because officers were transferred to check if restaurants were following COVID rules’. Priorities.

9 in 10 COVID deaths are in vaccinated people. No big deal; that’s just what happens when you vaccinate a lot of people. But it is a good reason not to conduct a Reign of Terror against the unvaxxed.

Canadians Were ‘Persuaded to Fear COVID-19 Too Much’: Constitutional Rights Group. Actually we were subjected to an insane regime of fright, politically convenient for some. The worst outcome will be if the people who kept the fright going for so long face no social penalties. There should be some outcome for Chicken Little…

Chaser: Canada lifting pre-arrival COVID-19 testing requirement as of April 1. Yeh. Even the mighty Mackenzie winds somewhere out to sea — and even the greatest Crazy …

But now, what about all the media in many countries whose hind ends were parked firmly on the panic button all this time? Readers may be glad to know that some of them too are facing some thoughtful (to them, perhaps, dreadful) questions: “Feds’ Narrative for Invoking Emergencies Act on Convoy Protests ‘Faulty’ as CBC Retracts Second Story, Says Tory MP”

With Canada’s public broadcaster CBC retracting a second story about the Freedom Convoy, Conservative MP and party leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis says the government should also make amends about invoking the Emergencies Act.

“With even the CBC now admitting that some of their main narratives about the convoy and who was behind it were false, the government should admit the reasoning behind the emergencies act was also faulty and the freezing of Canadians funds was illegitimate,” Lewis tweeted on March 15.

So a wholly government-funded medium was caught telling stretchers about the citizens who are forced to fund it? With disastrous consequences to those citizens? Blow us away with amazement! Then file under: Why government should never fund media.

Trust the Science! is part of a much larger corrupt structure that needs a lot of retirement planning and plenty of unplanned obsolescence.


If it sounds unbelievable, don’t believe it.
When in doubt, doubt.
Know the location of the exits.

"If it sounds unbelievable, don’t believe it. When in doubt, doubt. Know the location of the exits." I like to quote this every once in awhile: "The rabbits became strange in many ways, different from other rabbits. They knew well enough what was happening. But even to themselves they pretended that all was well, for the food was good, they were protected, they had nothing to fear but the one fear; and that struck here and there, never enough at a time to drive them away." -Watership Down Andrew asauber

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