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Turns out, even the venerable Times Atlas was drinking the Fool-Aid

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Greenland not under water yet/Connormah

If New Scientist is running an article like this, the jig is up.

Remember “Science’s biggest problem today: Not enough scientists are drinking the Fool-Aid”? Now this:

Erroneous data about how much ice is vanishing due to climate change are once more at the heart of an explosive controversy. This time, it’s not the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, but the venerable Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World that is in the line of fire.

Journalists across the UK received glossy press packs last week for the launch of a new edition. It included a press release declaring that: “For the first time, the new edition […] has had to erase 15 per cent of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover – turning an area the size of the UK and Ireland ‘green’ and ice-free. This is concrete evidence of how climate change is altering the face of the planet forever.”

Today glaciologists have been crying foul, saying that the 15 per cent figure is wildly inaccurate.

In a good cause. Just like fake miracles conveniently timed for a crusade.

What fascinates ID types about the global warming controversy is that it is pseudoscience mushrooming over a short period before collapsing, instead of a long period before petering out.

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