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Twee Darwin books for children. Totally twee.


“Child-sized depictions of Charles Darwin to grow on” (May 23, 2011) are discussed by Katherine Pandora, who researches & teaches about science, the public & popular culture at the University of Oklahoma:

I was most amused to find that, despite the fact that the voyage figured extravagantly both in content and in the illustrations of the pile of children’s Darwin books that I had brought home to study, the picture my daughter chose to draw owed nothing to the rainforest theme which would supposedly transfix childish imaginations, but instead depicted a much more sedate locale, fitting comfortably within the domestic backyard setting of a local neighborhood in the northern hemisphere. And here the influence I think of the second unusual Darwin book, The Humblebee Hunter by Deborah Hopkinson kicks in, for in this author’s story the science literally does take place at home, as Darwin’s daughter Henrietta and other family members join her father to investigate how many times a bee will visit a flower in a minute.Once again, this story has fictional elements (while Darwin investigated creatures in his home environment, and the children sometimes assisted, we have no record of the observational study Hopkinson sketches), and the fictionalization allows for a girl “naturalist” to take center stage.

Yes, fiction.

From the books, I bet we’d never know that Darwin’s family were big on the eugenics movement. Speaking of kids, how about kid Carrie Buck, raped and then sterilized on the order of Oliver Wendell Holmes, a Supreme Court justice that American secular materialists practically worship? To get her sterilized, they had to falsely paint her as an imbecile …. and her own lawyer was working against her.

What about the fact that Darwin’s granddaughter wrote this vile, supercilious tripe – and was properly riposted by a famous Catholic writer (who wrote a book against Darwinism).

Why are these awful people a model for anyone?
Okay, so the Darwinists never seem to want to leave the kids out of it. Indeed, they’ll use the law to force the kids into it. Does anyone out there care about their own kids and want to do anything about that?

Question: Why don’t more people see that the fate of Carrie Buck is as likely as the fate of “Twee Bumblebee Darwin”?

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

A Creation Story for Young Materialistsbevets
May 26, 2011
08:46 PM

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