3 Replies to “Praxman and Ditchkins on Science

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    bornagain77 says:

    This is of related interest:

    William Lane Craig’s Reaction to Richard Dawkins’ Refusal to Debate Him

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    GilDodgen says:


    This is precious beyond description, and it precisely reveals the transparent logical idiocy of the atheistic worldview.

    I am a former atheist, but at one point I could no longer accept the inherent logical inconsistencies this concept required me to believe.

    Something came from nothing? (By definition, if nothing is nothing, nothing could come from it, otherwise nothing would be something.)

    Life came from non-life? This is a transparent mathematical absurdity.

    The personal came from the impersonal? How does that work?

    Ethics and morality came from the amoral and the subjective?

    There is no truth, with one exception: It is true that truth does not exist.

    This is the kind of illogical nonsense one is required to believe as an atheist, and there is no way I could possibly conjure up enough blind faith to believe this obvious claptrap.

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    Charlie says:

    Good video. Superb acting especially by the Ditchkins character.

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