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Uncommon Descent Sees Record High Traffic in May

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Panda’s Thumb is heading downhill since Kitzmiller v. DASD but we aren’t. In May we achieved a new record number of visits at 146,084 to bring our total number of visits to over 1.25 million in the last 12 months.

Thanks to everyone for helping to get our message out to a growing number of people!

Time for the UK to confront ID
Intelligent design is now a coherent movement with vocal, well-educated proponents, extensive literature, substantial funding and a relentlessly enthusiastic online supporters' community.
Hear hear, Uncommon Descent! scordova
Congrats, Dave and Bill. tribune7
Just great guys! WTG! I agree the internet has allowed responsible debate in this area to be done for the first time on wide levels of participation. Prior to now, we were force fed large MSM fodder with no real attempt at balanced, reasoned discussion or skeptical questions and insight at the faults of Darwinian logic. I had no idea there were scientist that made huge contributions in all areas of science which doubted Darwin. The dull drum beat of dumbness dramatically bored into our brains by an inept and uninformed media are directly responsible for the haze of misconceptions surrounding evolution science. No more, its fully exposed and the Design Paradigm is here. It is an honor as a lay person, non-scientist to be here, learn and grow. Thanks again and all the best. It will only continue to grow in success, numbers and real progress as more research is opened in this field and semantics of language are finally recognized as inefficiently bogus for RM&NS mechanisms. Every moderator/contributor here makes a difference and real impacts are being made in society. For they will mount up with wings of eagles.... the harvest is great... Michaels7

Dave, I have spread the word about this ID and this blog [included] on every internet discussion forum I participate in Indonesia. I just wonder if you have special data on visits from Indonesia

Yes, by country Indonesia ranks: June #21 May #25 APR #28 MAR #25 FEB #33 So since February Indonesia, relative to all other countries, has moved from 33rd most visitors to 21st most visitors. You've had quite an influence! Thanks! :-) JS
The Internet has radically altered the availability and dissemination of information. Years ago, it took a friend recommending Michael Denton’s book (Evolution: A Theory in Crisis) in order for me to realize that I had been duped by Darwinian philosophy and speculation masquerading as science. Now, this kind of information is readily and easily accessible on the Internet at blogs like this one, over which the thought-control folks have no control. I’m not surprised that interest in UD is growing consistently. Darwinian orthodoxy is boring. Revolutions are fun. GilDodgen
Ditto to Dr. D's comment. With a small, but capable cadre of Intelligent Declarers, UD has become a source of insight and reason. Good job Dr. D. Good job Dave Scot for all your work. glennj
Ha ha to PT! They always say that opinion polls don't make things true but I guess this takes the wind out of those sails a little eh? Your precious "Truth Machine" over at PT is falling behind our lowly "Opinion Machine". Way to Go Dave and William. Kudos. Doug Doug
Also, Elsberry lied when he said that over 20 other states passed laws like Tennessee's "monkey" law -- see my article titled "Herr Fuhrer Esley Welsberry's Big Lie" at -- http://im-from-missouri.blogspot.com/2006/06/herr-fuhrer-esley-welsberrys-big-lie.html Another important article on my blog reveals that the plaintiffs' pretrial brief in the Selman v. Cobb County textbook sticker case did not even mention a critically important 2300-signature petition -- see http://im-from-missouri.blogspot.com/2006/06/attorneys-open-letter-on-selman-v-cobb.html Larry Fafarman
It's due to high quality content and high level debate. Also, the moderation is pretty successfull in maintaining trolls away... It's the only blog I visit at least 3 or 4 times a day. Marcos
Yes, and thank you Dave for taking the helm! --WmAD William Dembski

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