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Piscataway Institute of Technology Adopts “Separate but Equal” Policy Between Scientific Materialists and Persons of Faith.



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Here is an image, from roughly 50 years ago in the US, that should explain. sagebrush gardener
Robo, are you a Kiwi? There are hints on your web-site (like listing the price of the DVD in NZD as well as USD, and a domain that ends in .nz, etc.). If so, you might not get the joke. In the US, during segregation, blacks and whites had separate drinking fountains, separate public restrooms, separate sections of the restaurant, separate sections of public transportation, etc. Though they were supposed to be "equal," what happened in reality is that blacks thereby had second-class status. jb
LOL also means lots of laughs Speaking of drinking fountains, here's what the materialists actually have: fountain Old, looks authentic, dirty & doesn't work. Borne
Shaner74, he's actually talking about me :) My name is also Shane :) Gods iPod
Robo, I did get it. That's what LOL (laugh out loud) means. It's probably the best post by "Dr." Finch yet because IMO it sums up the attitude of scientific materialists quite succinctly. shaner74
For those who don't get it, click here. Lurker
Alas, though I am Canadian, I spent 10 years in the states. If an American doesn't get this, he needs a refresher course -- bad! 'Tis a bit dissappointing that the "religous" waterfountain is not cracked or stained, though. bFast
Hi Shane. I didn't get it either. Must be our poor sense of US humo(u)r :-) Robo
I think the drinking water fountain segregation is fair enough, just as long as it can be shown that the left fountain evolved out of the wall. rabbite_uk
LOL!!!!!!! shaner74
Perhaps Gods iPod is not American. The story makes more sense if you understand the history of racial discrimination in the United States of America. russ
Gods iPod: You're thirsty. You don't have a glass or mug. Which would you rather drink from? William Dembski
OK, help me out here. I don't get it. Gods iPod

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