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Unusual for Canada?: Not just the usual “God and science” snore


Here’s a first in Canada, maybe: A conference at the University of Toronto (September 29-20, 2006) on intelligent design and the universe/life that is not just the usual “God and science” snore – at least the organizers will do everything in their power to keep it from being the usual theistic evolution cop-out snooze. Here’s what you will NOT primarily hear:

“Faith, you see, is about feelings and involves no evidence at all. Materialism is about facts because it is based on evidence. And, guess what, folks, materialism IS science! So if ever you get it into your little pinhead that you think you see design in the universe or life forms, or that you have consciousness or free will, rest assured that the most eminent science authorities, backed by the most loudly harumphing of degreed clergymen, have declared that it ain’t so.”

Yeah right. In fact, the conference had to be kept under wraps for fear of cancellation due to administration fear of controversy. A different university had to back out of holding it, due to threats. (More of the joys of intellectual freedom under a materialist regime.)

Come if you can, but preferably not if you are looking for a pious snooze. We mean no harm, but cannot guarantee an undisturbed rest.

Read more here.

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My apologies for the misunderstanding. I could agree that Ross makes ten times more sense than than Theistic Evolutionists, but that doesn't mean he makes much sense. ;) Even if our different positions did make us enemies (they don't) Christian thing to do is to love our enemies anyway. :) I'd be quite happy to discuss/debate our differences, but UD is probably not the place to do it. StephenA
StephenA:"Hugh Ross is a Progressive Creationist (effectively a theistic evolutionist as far as I can tell), not a Young Earth Creationist like AIG." Yes, I understand he is an old Earth Creationist, as am I. However, I completely disagree with you on Hugh Ross being a Theistic Evolutionist. Go to their home page and click on the 8 myth's about RTB, one of them is the Theistic Evolutionist myth. They are more critical of him because he makes ten times more sense but that is just my humble opinion. I have deeply explored the YEC position and just find it completely unsatisfying/unconvincing. However, don't think that YEC/OEC makes us enemies since we both believe in the same thing, Progressive Creation, but differ in the time in which it happened. Yea for ID!!! rpf_ID
Hugh Ross is a Progressive Creationist (effectively a theistic evolutionist as far as I can tell), not a Young Earth Creationist like AIG. AIG is rather more critical of Hugh Ross then it is of ID. See here ( http://www.answersingenesis.org/tj/v13/i2/genesis.asp ) for an example. StephenA
I don't think Hugh Ross is fully against I.D. However, I believe, RTB maintains that I.D. is not science (see http://reasons.org/press_releases/20051220.shtml). As well I think RTB tries to separate themselves because they are creationists and believe in the specific creation model that they claim is science. Though Dr. Dembski has provided critique here https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/index.php/archives/395 So if indeed Hugh Ross does not believe in I.D. at all, it is nothing to be suprised by. Apoptosis
Ricardo, if you go about 1/3 down the following page, you'll find a Creationist critique of ID. http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs2002/0830_IDM.asp russ
Yea, I am wondering why Hugh Ross is against ID? I don't understand why he hasn't joined forces with them. I mean even if he does not agree with everything at least he could recognize that it is a step in the right direction. Also, there is a wealth of information on both sides that should be taken advantage of and used for the benefit of both parties. Anyway, anyone care to explain????? Ricardo rpf_ID
Heh heh, I'll probably see you there. Looking forward to this event and some others. Hugh Ross will also be at some other places around Toronto. Check out reasons.org for more info, if you are interested, regardless if you like him or not :-P. Apoptosis
Wow! You must be a writer, which of course you are, you really call it like it is. Great! I don’t know about David Humphreys but Hugh Ross is not exactly a friend of Intelligent Design. Maybe y'all should make an effort to get him to talk straight and stop the waffle. Rude

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