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Update: Aussie Prof who trashes Darwin hagiography is asssociate of Darwin lobby NCSE

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It now emerges that retired Australian political science prof Hiram Caton, relentless exposer of ridiculous Darwin hagiography, is an associate of the National Center for Science Education, the American Darwin education lobby. He tells me that they know about his article trashing the Darwin Exhbition. Caton, who is not affiliated with any religion, wonders what they think of it.

So do I. But then, he’s Down Under, remember? And a day apart. Go here for more.

angryoldfatman said,
I might have to make it into a Youtube video, with your permission of course.
Sure. Do what you like with it. Vladimir Krondan
Essay here: http://www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/th26hcat.htm jaredl
Yet another Vladimir compliment here. Well done! As for the topic - interesting stuff! I'll have to check out this Caton guy's essay. nullasalus
(Since we're talking about Vladimir, I also thoroughly enjoyed his comments on the Second Law in the Giraffe thread [comment 20]. I was chuckling out loud when I read that). jb
Vladimir, the "Truth Management" link appears to be broken. jb
No kidding! Someone needs to reproduce Vlad's posts on that thread here. jaredl
angryoldfatman, wow, that was a good read. Had me lauging here at work. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Atom
OFF TOPIC- Vladimir, I just read your sharp ridicule of Darwinism on Telic Thoughts, and now I have it bookmarked because it's one of the funniest frickin' satires I've ever read. Great job! Here's a link if anybody else wants to see it. I might have to make it into a Youtube video, with your permission of course. angryoldfatman
Hiram Caton's essay Truth Management is pretty interesting. Vladimir Krondan

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