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Update on Darwin and the University of Oklahoma


Today there was a great article in the OU Daily about the controversy surrounding the Darwin 2009 Project at OU. Not only were all parties fairly represented (at least as best as I could tell), but they even got the definition of ID right!

Going back through the archives, and I thought I update the link to the article: Updated Link johnnyb
The Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Club of Oklahoma (an OU club) is sponsoring three events on or near the OU campus in the next few weeks. http://ideaclubok.org/events riddick
EXPELLED IN THE UK Off-topic, the Expelled DVD is now available in multi-region format for UK viewers - I heard that CMI managed to obtain a limited number of region-free copies, they only have about 40 left. Call 0845 6800 264. halo
Great job JB! Joseph

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