16 Replies to “Self-Assembling NanoMachine: a film about flagellar biosynthesis

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    critiacrof says:

    Great vid! Too bad for the “conclusion”: “[…]that evolved over some 4 billion years.”

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    bornagain77 says:

    Man I was sitting there just blown away by the integrated complexity of it all and was thinking these guys have not mentioned evolution once, Then bam out of the blue with no reason whatsoever they say it evolved. Otherwise a excellent video Dave

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    DaveScot says:

    Darwinists: Close your eyes, click your heels together three times, and repeat it’s all just an accident.

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    Charlie says:

    Too bad they didn’t know that Mark Perakh recently debunked the flagellar myth. His case? It doesn’t exactly look like the representations.


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    Gods iPod says:

    Link to the Google video please…

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    jerry says:

    This just proves my point that ID is not about whether it studies science or not but how one makes conclusions from the data. If one has a naturalistic philosophy then one is limited in what one can conclude. If one does not bound by that philosophy then one can conclude other things and bring to bear other techniques of analysis.

    The science is the same, the analysis and conclusions can be different. There would be no commitment to a mechanism for construction.

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    critiacrof says:

    @charlie 4:
    It looks like he reduces the argument of IC to: it looks like it’s designed and therefor it is designed. Or: it is pretty and therefor designed. He uses images to make the symbol of ID look dumb and compares it with the drawings of Haeckel. There is a huge difference: Haeckels drawings were presented as accurate to show the details. The symbol of ID is clearly a simplified drawing to illustrate a point, but is not used for study. In fact the detailed pics and vids don’t make it less complicated, they still show complexity.
    IMHO the flagellum was never a myth. The evolutionists still need a mechanism that can create such a thing, we only need to show them they don’t have one to make our point.

    BTW the assembly of those proteins reminded me of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spool_knitting .

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    Charlie says:

    @ #7
    As if IC ever depended on the visual similarity or the symmetry of the BF.

    In case it was missed, my comment at #4 was pure sarcasm – employed to alert others of the ridiculous arguments that people are still using.

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    critiacrof says:

    I didn’t notice it was sarcasm, but that caused me to read it in the first place. Thanks for the link!

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    DaveScot says:

    With scientists like Mark “The Communists Stole My Publications” Perakh it’s no wonder the Soviet Union lost the cold war. The thing of it is though is Mark should recognize sloppy looking Rube Goldberg designs as at least semi-intelligent in origin as it’s just like the stuff his comrades produce.

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    Wow, it is amazing what dice throws will do.

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    My wife’s car threw a timing belt last weekend. I knew those mechanics were cheating me. All I had to do was buy some scrap steel and rubber, put it in a crate with the busted car, and shake it vigorously. For a long long long long long…

    …long long long long time.

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    Domoman says:

    Skeptic.com fails at life. Anybody can be a skeptic. It takes guts to have an opinion (unless of course your opinion is that you can’t know nothing). 😛

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    toc says:

    The irony in this video is remarkable. What comes to mind is the analogy of a marble coffee table, used by Roy Abraham Varghese in Appendix A of Antony Flew’s There is a God. Can you imagine – a marble coffee table coming to life to be something different and to animate itself over time? Ridiculous.

    It also reminds me of a college manufacturing engineering class film. Imagine the professor then stating that there will be no need for drawings, power requirements, or tooling to produce this machine. It simply happens for no apparent reason.

    Who isn’t incredulous at that last 60 seconds? Materialism is an a priori requirement. And faith has no part in the scientific process?


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    YEC says:

    San Diego State:

    “Debunking the ‘Posterchild’ of Intelligent Design: The Bacterial Flagellum”
    February 16
    Dr. Kelly Hughes, University of Utah Department of Biology

    Man, I’d be nice if Scott Minnich could show up at this lecture and provide some perspective.

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    DaveScot says:

    Anyone ever notice that design deniers go all quiet when it comes to animations of molecular machinery like this?

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