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Uploading ourselves into computers as a sort of religious vision


A tech writer suggests humans can escape Earth’s end by digitizing ourselves elsewhere in the galaxy:

Here’s a term you might not have heard before: post-biological existence. In a recent piece at Gizmodo, George Dvorsky makes the case for uploading ourselves into supercomputers somewhere in the universe to escape the apocalypses foretold in current culture…

While we are at it, we should adopt an interstellar or, better yet, an intergalactic mindset. None of this Moon-and-Mars stuff for the new “Distributed Humanity.”

But wait! The best is yet to come, Distributed Posthumanity

Denyse O’Leary, “Are we doomed unless we get ourselves digitized?” at Mind Matters News

Today’s apocalyptic vision seems now to have moved on from the arrival of the extraterrestrials to uploading ourselves to a supercomputer. Whether it’s possible is really secondary. The main question is whether it answers a cultural need for a vision that mirrors the inner turmoil of the day.

Further reading: Is transhumanism uncomfortably tempting? An ethicist asks us to stop and reflect.


Would you want immortal life as a cyborg? Would you give up your right arm for a robotic device that performs better? Think about it.

What exactly do they mean by “ourselves”? :) jawa

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