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Vatican Endorses Darwin – 1st Amendment Issue?

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The Vatican Newspaper published an article distancing itself from ID and (once again) embracing Darwinian Evolution.

So when should we expect some outrage from the folks at Panda’s Thumb that Darwinian Evolution is religion? They’re all over ID as unconstitutional because evangelical Christians are some of its most vocal supporters. Clearly, if they are consistent in their logic, they should now be all over Darwinian Evolution because it is supported by the Vatican. Can we expect consistent application of principles from the folks at Panda’s Thumb, the National Center for Selling Evolution Science Education, the ACLU, and other virtuous defenders of Separation of Church and State? I doubt it. Consistency has never been their strong suit.


Good comments but it got quite a bit off track over what the Catholic Church’s motivation is for taking a position on evolution. The salient point isn’t why they took a position but rather the fact they’re a church and took ANY position. Just because a religious group endorses a theory doesn’t poison that theory on establishment clause grounds. ID has been around since Aristotle. Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t invented by Jerry Falwell or Pat Roberson.

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