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Video: Here’s National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins on ID

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… as the God of the Gaps.

Has anyone ever noted an ID theorist to use the term “gaps”, to support an argument for apparent design?

Can anyone attest that Collins has ever read an actual ID theoretic work?

See also here and here where Collins appears to have backed away from an earlier claim that so-called “junk DNA” proves that there is no design in life.

I think that video is a bit dated, and of related note Francis Collins seems to have softened his view on 'Junk DNA portion of his argument, but none-the-less you are right Matteo, the argument can be turned around, and be more effectively argued as a 'Darwin of The Gaps' argument; Francis Collins, Darwin of the Gaps, and the Fallacy Of Junk DNA - video http://www.evolutionnews.org/2010/11/francis_collins_is_one_of040361.html bornagain77
Isn't accusing somebody of invoking a "God of the gaps" an implicit admission that there are gaps? Matteo

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