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Here’s what happens when students get hold of “fabulous” evolutionary psychology …

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In “Survival of the Frummest: Darwinism and Judaism on Dating, Mating and Procreating,” Talia Kaufman of Yeshiva U enlightens us (April 14, 2011):

Human Mating Is Inherently StrategicOur subconscious has a whole lot more influence on our animalistic desires than we realize. Every aspect of attraction is subliminally dictated by our drive to find the mate that will best carry on our genes.

It is hard to think of a proposition more consistently refuted by human experience than the idea that people have a “drive to find the mate that will best carry our genes.”

Reality check: Thoughtful people consider human attraction a mystery because it is shaped by so many different factors that one cannot be sure in most cases how much of which one provides a tipping point. And the whole show is irrelevant to whether any children even get produced.

The rest is in the same manner and, while delusions are forgivable in one so young, the bad taste and coarseness suggests a fault in the teacher.

I hope my mate will carry my jeans...to the washer. /inb4misogynyaccusations tragic mishap

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