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Video on Measuring Active Information in Biology


Early this year BIO-Complexity published a paper of mine titled “Measuring Active Information in Biological Systems” which showed how some ID concepts such as Active Information can be directly applied to biology.

Essentially, it seems that in some situations, organisms direct their own mutations/evolution. This has not always been noticed because we don’t have a good measurement for when this happens. Active Information helps to fill that role.

Anyway, this is a video I made describing the paper and the thinking behind it.

Also, if you need background of why we should think that organisms direct their own mutations in the first place, see this video:

Nonlin.org - I'm not sure what exactly you are objecting to. Can you be more specific? I actually think that this lines up very well with your links (especially the second link, point #2) so I'm not sure what the issue is. johnnyb
Sorry, but this is dead end bullshit that grossly abuses the concept of information and panders to the Darwinist nonsense. Read this and this and, if you still hold these views, we can debate anywhere/anytime to clarify. Nonlin.org
Excellent article and videos! Thanks! jawa

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