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Vivendi acquires Expelled home video rights

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Vivendi Entertainment acquires home video rights of Expelled

MUMBAI: Vivendi Entertainment has acquired home entertainment distribution rights to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, produced by Premise Media. The announcement was made by Vivendi Entertainment president Tom O’Malley and Expelled executive producer John Sullivan.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, starring journalist and actor Ben Stein, is an independent documentary film that explores the theory of Intelligent Design. The film examines the conflict between advocates of intelligent design and evolutionists, and the hostility of the scientific community towards scientists that embrace intelligent design.

“Ben Stein brings his unique perspective to this controversial topic and creates an incredibly insightful and entertaining film. Expelled is one of the most successful theatrical documentary films ever released and we are delighted to continue to expand its audience,” said O’Malley.

“We are very excited to have Vivendi Entertainment as a partner for the home entertainment release. They have built a great brand and reputation within the industry,” said Sullivan.

The film will be distributed by Vivendi Entertainment to all retail home entertainment outlets including television, home video and digital.

Funny how there is already a negative review by someone who has not purchased the dvd, and let alone seems to have a jaded memory of the movie itself. I figured (since there was footage of Behe in the Super trailer but not in the movie) that there would be loads and loads of special features, something I would surely look forward to. F2XL
BTW, there is a Fair Use thread over at Groklaw about the ruling on the use of Imagine in Expelled. EndoplasmicMessenger
You can even pre-order it at Amazon EndoplasmicMessenger
This movie is a must see for those who haven't. I had to drive a few hours to the closest theater showing it but it was well worth the time and price of admission. Of course, Gas was under four bucks a gallon then. Nowadays I'd have to wait for it to come out on DVD because my Chevy 350 v-8 chugs the stuff like a man dying of thirst. I took the camper off the truck to get better mileage. Anyway, I'm going to buy a copy as soon as it hits the Movie Depot. I'll show it to my evolutionist cousins. It's always fun to watch them squirm a little over their evolution lefty kinds of fantasies they trot out every now and then when they come over for the holidays. It's getting so they don't even want to talk about it any more. Seriously, send one to a relative. I'm thinking about it. Second_Ammendment
I just hope more people will see it... You guys are doing great work. Keep plugging along. Those who 'hear the truth' will get it... Robert Lockett
Russ, this'll turn you off if nothing else does: I am supposedly on the video (I do not care one way or the other - they burnt up km of tape on me, and whether or no, fine, but I try to explain what I would have said in dead tree media. Thankfully, the trees and their dependents live.) O'Leary
I hope, there's plenty of extra stuff on the disc. russ
I just saw “Expelled” in theatre here in Canada and am looking forward to being able to purchase the DVD. Both secular and religious print media in my region (Vancouver) dismissed it. To give you an idea of the bias against it, here is the synopsis from the theatre web-site: “This movie follows Ben Stein as he seeks to determine whether religious based Intelligent Design / Creationism is a pseudo-science trying to undermine evolutionary biology or whether it is legitimate science being suppressed by a scientific establishment that is hostile to any deviation from the status quo. Along the way, Stein is told that evolutionary biology is responsible for the Holocaust, Stalinism, and the Second World War, and that only religion based alternatives such as Intelligent Design / Creationism and the intervention of a god can adequately explain the existence of life.” DG

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