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Voom! Evolution in Fourier Space: final part 4


CMB acoustic modesIn my previous post #1, #2, #3, I addressed the Origin of life (OOL) problem. In #3, I promised to work my way back to infinities from the FT, as well as show “how this transform turns points into volumes, and lines into areas”. Along the way, I hope to address the comment,

If, via non-locality, information about life is stored holographically in billions of cubic light years then is it possible to say anything more about the mechanism by which this information gets into the organic material in the cosmic biosphere? This part of your thesis seems rather sketchy.

So this fourth and concluding post attempts to fill in some of the blanks, though I will forewarn you, it will not please everybody. To quote mathematician Hadamard, “Logic merely sanctions the conquests of the intuition”…

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So a WBC by itself would be "alive" then? I don't see a huge problem with that, given the problems with other definitions of life. tragic mishap
I think the difference between single-celled amoeba, and say, a human white blood cell is negligible as far as internal organization goes. However the correlation length for a human white blood cell is far greater than that of an amoeba. Strangely, amoeba can have enormous DNA lengths, so I don't even know if content-wise they are inferior to humans. But human WBC are responding to a control system much greater than the amoeba. Thus when I_xt and I_f are added together, they are about the same in the first category, but WBC add a huge amount in I_f that isn't in the amoeba. They're both far above the I_thresh, but WBC is even farther above amoeba as amoeba are above, say, a red blood cell. Robert Sheldon
Got a question for ya: Would a single cell defined as a unit fit your definition of life regardless of whether it's a single-celled organism or part of a multi-cellular organism? tragic mishap

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