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Voom! Evolution in Fourier Space: part 3


Little Cat ZIn Part 1 we argued that Origin-of-life (OOL) was indistinguishable from creationism, but distinguishable from panspermia. In Part 2, we argued that panspermia had not, in fact, solved the problem of OOL by positing infinite space or eternal time. However, we pointed out that panspermia at least recognized that there was a coupling between space-time and OOL, a coupling we identify with the Fourier Transform. In contrast, most OOL theories suppose life began at two points and a line: a point in time, a point in space (microscopic coacervate, etc.) and a line of serially encoded information (DNA, enzyme, etc.) Our goal for this post, is to elucidate what this FT does to the traditional OOL theory, how this transform turns points into volumes, and lines into areas.

Judging from the comments, the concept of infinity stopped most, who did not proceed further to understand the FT, nor its relationship to infinity. Georg Cantor‘s work on infinities demonstrates both their profundity (which should warn us against trivializing platitudes) as well as the danger for anyone embarking on this career.  So instead, let’s begin with some examples of FT, and we’ll work our way back to the infinities.

The key argument here, is that the central dogma of molecular biology is false, and has mislead investigators for decades. That is, the concept that DNA is the “master” of the cell, that DNA–>RNA–>protein–>life is wrong.

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I've left a comment on Rob's blog on this one. Timothy V Reeves
http://procrustes.blogtownhall.com/2010/03/19/epigenetics_goes_mainstream.thtml Um, what? You aren't seriously saying that epigenetics is what causes the consequences of sin to be inherited? Please say no. You are starting to talk about subjects I'm quite interested in and I would hate to be utterly convinced you're an idiot. It's like, seeing a nice apple pie but knowing that if you take a bite you'll find maggots inside. "And now, we find that epigenetics is going mainstream." I hate to break it to you, but epigenetics has always been mainstream. It has been a hot topic from the very beginning. Get over yourself. Geez. You sound like a really smart guy. tragic mishap
Epigenetics does not affect the sequence based information in DNA. It tags it, like giving it a bar code. There's a big difference. tragic mishap
When you want to learn something complicated you have to start simple. This is why the central dogma has been so successful, and is in no danger of being overturned. RNAs and proteins are unstable even under ideal biological conditions. They are constantly in a state of flux and being broken down and remade. The information to constantly remake them is in DNA and is quite stable, in fact amazingly so. If it wasn't, we would all be in big trouble because the information in DNA required to make and remake all those RNAs and proteins would quickly degrade. If you are going to play semantic games talking about communism and democracy, then consider that God is unchanging. In biological terms, DNA is quite similar. tragic mishap

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