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We are asked to fear, not artificial intelligence, but artificial stupidity


In terms of weaponized robots whose indifference is unassailable.

From an article in New Scientist by cognitive computing prof Mark Bishop:

I believe three fundamental problems explain why computational AI has historically failed to replicate human mentality in all its raw and electro-chemical glory, and will continue to fail.

First, computers lack genuine understanding. The Chinese Room Argument is a famous thought experiment by US philosopher John Searle that shows how a computer program can appear to understand Chinese stories (by responding to questions about them appropriately) without genuinely understanding anything of the interaction.

Second, computers lack consciousness. An argument can be made, one I call Dancing with Pixies, that if a robot experiences a conscious sensation as it interacts with the world, then an infinitude of consciousnesses must be everywhere: in the cup of tea I am drinking, in the seat that I am sitting on. If we reject this wider state of affairs – known as panpsychism – we must reject machine consciousness.

Lastly, computers lack mathematical insight. In his book The Emperor’s New Mind, Oxford mathematical physicist Roger Penrose argued that the way mathematicians provide many of the “unassailable demonstrations” to verify their mathematical assertions is fundamentally non-algorithmic and non-computational.More.

Note re his second point: Actually, some do claim that rocks (thus perhaps teacups) have consciousness. See Would we give up naturalism to solve the hard problem of consciousness?

Also, Neuroscience tried wholly embracing naturalism, but then the brain got away

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Computers are like the human mind. they are just memory machines. the bible says we think with our soul/heart. not our mind. yet the mind is involved in out thinking. the mind of man is just a great memory machine that is left on earth when we die. We think in heaven etc with no need of our memory mind. In fact Jesus, i say, was given the mind.memory of man. he did not bring his memory of being gOd when he was born. Jesus was a real baby and not pretending. As a baby he couldn't rember being God. He was stuck to the mind/memory of mankind. A prisoner like us. Jesus, i say, never remembered anything of when he was God. Thats why the bible says he grew in wisdom. He had too as he couldn't remember his former wisdom. Robert Byers
I wonder if the first artificial stupidity will be to deny intelligent design. Mung

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