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We “creationists” are all cultural Marxists now?


Not only is everyone a creationist now but it turns out that us inveterate creationists (or whatever) are cultural Marxists.

No, really. Some blog called Occam’s Razor has decided to favour us all with an explanation of why “the religious” should “reject intelligent design.”. But

“Recently, it was discovered that the Discovery Institute fabricated its scientific labs and …the underlying motivation of the Discovery Institute seems to be Cultural Marxism. By this, I mean that the problem for many ID people is that evolution seems to violate the myth of universalism / egalitarianism. An overwhelming number of articles at the Discovery Institute decries evolution for being “racist”. When one looks at those funding the ID movement — Trotskyite neocons perennially worried that “evolution leads to fascism” — one can understand the unhinged obsession with “racism.” These neocons seem, from an allegedly religious perspective, to mirror the frauds Boas, Lewontin, and Gould always at war to defend “Liberal Creationism.”

Seriously, this has to be a joke. It was only last year that we finally persuaded some left wing journo-pothead that we don’t run around town in bedsheets.

So now we are allegedly running through the jungle with Che?

By the way, a lot of us are not white, male, or American.

Like, what’s the story here, readers? Help us understand.

Voilàist? jstanley01
JS: This one really made me LOL: "Barthian Bolshevik" Barry Arrington
Well if the final insult is being called a marxist then at last marxism is dead as a dodo. Anyone who was ever a Trotskyite was a idiot. so its impossible for any creationist or iD fan to have been such a creature. At least they talk about us! More to come. the revolution is is hitting home. ( whoops sounds like Trotskyite talk) Robert Byers
Thanks for thoughts. See, the thing is, it all happened rather suddenly. The first sense I got of it was last year (was it only last year?) when Columbia math guy Peter Woit found himself telling the world that he was not and never had been a creationist. But had anyone ever really thought he was, just because he dismissed the multiverse? And now Steve Gould was supposedly a "liberal creationist", and most recently creationists are "Marxist." I don't like the fact that the term "creationist" is becoming meaningless like that. Suppose a person believes that humans were directly created by God and did not evolve from animals. That is a specific, fairly widespread belief that can be stated in one sentence. It has no obvious relationship with the multiverse, liberalism, or Marxism. So if we now have to make up a new term to describe the belief, what should it be? - News News
The story? Well, being a Barthian Bolshevik I may be prone to libertarian, not to mention invertebrate, prestidigitation. But off the top of my headline I'd say that: CRUMBLING PAIR OF DIMES FRACK COGNITIVE DISSIDENT CRANIALS. At eleven. jstanley01
Here's what's happening. Words are starting to mean nothing or anything. The problem started when cool was used to mean hot, and hot means cool, and bad means great, and wicked means bad (which means great), and a racist is anyone you don't agree with, and address means any verb you can't think of, and that sort of thing. There are now different layers to words that leave a paper trail that can be found only by those who don't use paper any more. With this new language, creationist can mean Marxist or atheist, and a Marxist may be a Catholic nun or a pigeon. You see what's happening. Satan is slowly building his own Tower of Babel so that people will think the antiChrist is running a religion of peace. TimT

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