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We Held Out as Long as We Could

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But we were being overrun with spam by the spambots, and we finally added a captcha verification to our sign-in and comments.

We truly value our commenters and hope this is not too much of an inconvenience.

Please fix it so that you don't entirely lose your post if you forget the captcha. Apparently hitting the back button does not work on all browsers. ...and yes, this is the second time I have typed this out. Upright BiPed
I hate captcha but I hate spam even more. Please, sir, do I get to count on my fingers, and my toes too? (All this pop quiz flashcard stuff will get interesting. Especially if we start getting into the higher times tables like seventeen * 16 = |___| -- I know a math teacher who has a pencil case with times tables up to 25 * 25 -- or quoting laws or theorems or working out serious results based on logs . . . ) Sigh. KF kairosfocus
Ah ... you haven't seen the spamasaurus at the back end of the site. Awesome. Sorry for inconvenience. Doubtless the spammer will reprogram his bot, and we'll have to try again. But we go from fix to fix in these matters. News
I didn't enter the captcha a couple times and just used the back button in my browser, didn't lose the post. (See, I just did it again, lol.) Mung
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I agree with Neal (SLAP!) In any case, you should not LOSE YOU POST ENTIRELY if you forget to hit the captcha. No other system is set up like that, and neither should UD. My $.02 Upright BiPed
I would have thought that using the captcha when signing up should suffice. It should not be needed for each post. Mung:
And I was like, I can’t add an integer to a string.
The thing is that bots can easily be designed to be literalistic. So being literalistic with a captcha is the wrong approach. Neil Rickert
I'm okay with this, I just wish that I didn't have to resign in so often or that my password has to be so hard to memorize and uncustomizable. Collin
but math is better than those silly what are these letters ones. I hate those. For the mathematically challenged, I see you can click on the answer box and it gives you multiple choice. Mung
What if I stink at maths? And I was asked: nine + 8 = [ ] And I was like, I can't add an integer to a string. So i converted the integer to a string and tried nine8 for the answer. no go. Mung

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