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Wesley Elsberry Says Liar liar pants on fire to OSC


Wesley Elsberry, when confronted with the following quote from the letter of the federal Office of Special Counsel to Rick Sternberg:

Our investigation shows that NCSE is a political advocacy organization dedicated to defeating any introduction of ID, creationism or religion into the American education system. In fact, members of NCSE worked closely with SI and NMNH members in outlining a strategy to have you investigated and discredited within the SI.

accuses the OSC of telling whoppers. When PicoFarad asks why Wesley doesn’t simply publish the emails between NCSE and SI he comes back with

I see that “PicoFarad” rejects the part of US jurisprudence that holds that parties are considered innocent until proven guilty. I’m not surprised.

Uh, right. 🙄

I’d call Elsberry a snake if it wasn’t for the fact that a snake has a spine. 😆

This is who we’re dealing with folks – people with no integrity who will happily conspire to destory the reputations and careers of scientists who dare do something as nefarious as let an ID sympathetic article appear in a peer reviewed journal. People who, when caught red-handed using these despicable tactics and confronted with it, call upon The Five D’s of Darwinian Dogmatists – Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip, and Dodge. 😯

I wonder if Sternberg might be able to collect damages for libel or slander from the NCSE and/or some of the individuals involved in his persecution. The OSC report seems to contain plenty of documented evidence of libelous or slanderous behavior by these people, with the most malicious of intent. GilDodgen
That's funny, because Eugenie Scott basically defended the behavior in a Washington Post story: ---- Scott, of the NCSE, insisted that Smithsonian scientists had no choice but to explore Sternberg's religious beliefs. "They don't care if you are religious, but they do care a lot if you are a creationist," Scott said. "Sternberg denies it, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it argues for zealotry." ---- johnnyb

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