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What is it about the Big Bang these days that is making people nervous?

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Our physics color commentator Rob Sheldon offers some thoughts on why the Big Bang feels so shaky these days:

More and more independent measurements of the Hubble constant (H0), reveal that it is very close to 73.9 km/s/Mpc, which is 6 or so sigma (deviations) from the Planck determination of 67.4 km/s/Mpc using the cosmic ray background radiation (CMBR) and the standard Big Bang (BB) Model.

The solution, and a few brave souls have voiced it, is to redo the BB model to get the expansion right. But no one wants to touch it, because so many “discoveries” were based on it–for example, the Australian “missing mass” calculation in the news last week. The mass is missing in the discredited BB model, not in reality, which shows the huge amount of infrastructure built over the past 50 years on this shaky foundation.

Rob Sheldon is the author of Genesis: The Long Ascent and The Long Ascent, Volume II

So, if the galaxies are closer than previously thought, what are the implications, if any, for the assumed age of the universe? Dick
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